Physical Characteristics of Jesus

1 Apr

Title: Prophet Jesus in the Quran
Authorship: AbdulRahman Bin Abdulkarim Al-Sheha
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As for his physical qualities and features, the Prophet Muhammad  described him saying:
“There was no prophet between me and Prophet Jesus. He will descend from the heavens to earth. If you see him, know his description. He is an average sized individual; he is neither fat nor skinny. His skin color has a reddish-white hue.”

The Prophet  said:
“The Prophets are brothers from different mothers. The creed they all carry is one and the specifics of their laws differ. There is no Prophet between Jesus and I. He will break the cross and kill the swine and remove the Jizyah (head tax). He will unite all under one belief and only Islam will prevail during his reign. During his reign the anti-Christ will be killed and safety and security will spread throughout the lands till animals will harmoniously coexist with each other. Children will play with snakes not being harmed by them. He will rule amongst the Muslims for as long as Allah wills and then he will die and the Muslims will bury him.” (Ahmed)

The Prophet  said:
“I saw Jesus, Moses and Abraham. As for Jesus he had a pinkish hue and has a broad-chest.” (Bukhari)

The Prophet clarified that one’s faith would not be complete unless they believe in Jesus being a Messenger of God. This would lead one to a blissful life in the Heavenly Abode. The Prophet  said:
“Whoever testifies that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah and that He has no partner and that Muhammad is his slave and messenger and that Jesus is the slave of Allah created by the command of Allah through Mary and that Jannah (i.e. the Heavenly Abode) and Hell are true will enter Jannah, even if they have not done a single good deed.”

Believing that Jesus is a messenger of God will also increase one’s rewards. The Prophet  said:
“Whoever believes in Jesus the son of Mary as a Prophet and Messenger of God and then believes in me, will have two rewards.” (Bukhari)


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