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16 Sep

Whom Should We Worship?
Authorship: Majed S. Al-Rassi
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In this book, you have been shown the right path, and Allah has given you the ability to distinguish right from wrong; He has also given you the freedom of choice as to whether or not to accept the message of Islam. If you accept His call, you will be warmly welcomed into paradise. If you reject it, you will end up with the biggest loss ever imagined: the loss of paradise and the guarantee of abiding in hellfire for all eternity. Take a moment to comprehend what eternity really means. It is a very frightening realization.

To those who have been faithful Christians, you are warmly welcome to embrace Islam because:
 Jesus asked his followers to follow Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) whenever he appeared;
 When Jesus comes back before the end of this world, he will follow Muhammad (blessings and peace be upon him) and abide by his teachings. Yes, since Jesus called his true followers to follow it while he was on the earth, and will follow Islam when he comes back, all faithful Christian should follow Islam as well.

To those who have been believing Jews, remember that Abraham and Moses surrendered themselves completely to their Lord, whether they called Him Elohenu, God, or Allah. All pride in ethnicity or ancestry is vain: what will matter in the end is your individual relationship with your Creator. This means total submission – Islam.

To those of other faiths or who, until now, did not feel that they had any faith at all, consider this message now, without any reluctance or hesitation, before it is too late; before death overtakes you. It can be soon. Who knows?


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